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About the Conference

May 15, 2024

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2024 will mark the 31st Annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference — an insightful and authentic look into the leadership trends evolving today’s workplace. Over 3,000 women and men from all over the United States meet in Omaha, Nebraska and virtually each year for education, inspiration, and networking. Our conference is the premiere opportunity for a day of powerful leadership development. Attendees note their top two objectives in attending are to expand knowledge and gain inspiration – and that’s what we deliver. Bringing together the experience and knowledge of thought leaders from around the globe, our conference provides the tools and education to evolve leaders and help them thrive within their organizations and in all aspects of life. The conference is open to people of all genders, inclusive of cisgender, transgender and non-binary identities. ICAN is honored to host this world class leadership development event and inspire leaders and organizations of all kinds – you don’t want to miss it.



How do we elevate?

Through conversations rooted in confidence, compassion, creativity and collaboration.

We are stronger than we know. The weight of our collective power creates momentum and propels the standards of leadership to another level. It’s time for a robust discussion on women discovering our economic worth, and work together to achieve greater equity in representation and opportunities – both individually and collectively.

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More connected from anywhere.

Hybrid Conference Experience

Working remotely and using technology in new ways has advanced the way we all achieve results and changed how we connect with each other. And the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference is no exception. We’re proud to offer a hybrid experience with both in-person and virtual attendance options, which has made the conference more inclusive, accessible and widely reached. The virtual version of the conference is intentionally planned to impart the same inspiration, motivation and practical take-aways that make the in-person event so valuable. The conference agenda is consistent across both audiences. So, join us from anywhere!

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