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The 2020 Virtual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference embraces the ensemble.
Inspiring leaders to elevate their team’s performance.

Omaha, NE - Aug 19, 2020

The ensemble: a delicate and precise blending of harmonious elements. It allows for authenticity and creativity, but within the boundaries of the team. Business success – like beautiful music – doesn’t just happen. It is orchestrated through symphonic leadership —directing the ensemble to work together in harmony. Without leadership, there is no harmony, and without harmony, music -and business – is just noise.

Expert musicians follow the conductor’s interpretation of the score and create magic. Two different ensembles might perform the same symphony in two different ways – and audiences will celebrate both. As one of our keynotes, Erica Volini and her colleagues at Deloitte illustrate in the rise of the symphonic C-Suite – when compared to a business, think of the conductor like the CEO, the different instruments like departments, the first chairs as the department leaders, and the musical score as the strategy.

At the core is the ensemble, the team, delivering a performance, or product, for the audience, or customers, to enjoy. In order to rise above the competition, each team member in the ensemble needs to understand and appreciate the others. Each person brings their own contribution toward harmony, and together they create the masterpiece.

The 27th annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference will explore team-based organizations – elevating performance through teamwork, cross-disciplinary collaboration, maximized strategy and networked connectivity. When the ensemble is diverse, playing their best and working together in harmony, the business performance is elevated. The sum is greater than its parts.

Join the ensemble with us on August 19, 2020 to elevate team performance and create a leadership masterpiece.

The 2020 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference was rescheduled to Wednesday, August 19, 2020 and will be held virtually. Registrations for the previous May 13 date are transferred and honored for the new August 19 date. New this year, as part of the virtual conference, speaker presentations and recordings will be available for a limited time after the conference day to registered attendees only for re-viewing. Thank you for your continued support.


2020 will mark the 27th Annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference –an insightful and authentic look into the leadership trends evolving today’s workplace. Over 3,000 women and men from all over the United States meet in Omaha, Nebraska each year for education, inspiration, and networking. Our conference is the premiere opportunity for a day of powerful leadership development. Attendees note their top two objectives in attending are to expand knowledge and gain inspiration –and that’s what we deliver. Bringing together the experience and knowledge of thought leaders from around the world, our conference provides the tools and education to evolve leaders and help them thrive within their organizations and in all aspects of life.

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