ICAN is celebrating 25 years of its iconic Women’s Leadership Conference by delving into the core of what makes a leader successful in business:

ICAN has been having this conversation about Authentic Leadership at our annual conference and through our programs and services, such as Defining Leadership, for the past 35+ years. We believe to understand leadership, you must first understand people, and to understand people, you must first understand yourself. Research on Authentic Leadership stresses the importance of understanding yourself and your core values, and having the ability to disclose that self-knowledge in the most effective way, using insight into the people you lead. Successful leaders have a stable, rooted foundation with an open mind and heart for new ideas and perspectives. Our conference will explore how you can be real to yourself, real to others and realize your leadership potential. Join us for some real talk about what it takes to be an authentic leader in the workplace of today and tomorrow – and how authenticity maximizes business potential.


2018 will mark the 25th Anniversary ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference –an insightful and authentic look into the leadership trends evolving today’s workplace. Over 2,700 women and men from all over the United States, and increasingly the world, meet in Omaha, Nebraska each year for education, inspiration, and networking. Our conference is the premiere opportunity for a day of powerful leadership development. Attendees note their top two objectives in attending are to expand knowledge and gain inspiration –and that’s what we deliver. Bringing together the experience and knowledge of thought leaders from around the world, our conference provides the tools and education to evolve leaders and help them thrive within their organizations and in all aspects of life.

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