Exhibiting at the 2018 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference gives your company maximum visibility in front of over 2,700+ women and business leaders. An opportunity to build your company’s brand and generate awareness of your products and services among a consumer-driven market segment whose influence continues to grow.

Booth Sizes

Retail Exhibit Booth – 8’x20′ booth
$999 (5 Available)

Standard Exhibit Booth – 8’x10′ booth

Small Business / Small Non-Profit Booth – 8’x10′ booth
Limited Number Available – ICAN qualifies a small business as 25 employees or less

  • ICAN Provides Each Exhibitor Floor Space With:
  • 8-foot back wall
  • 42-inch high draped sidewalls
  • One (two if Retail) draped 8-foot table
  • Two chairs
  • Two complimentary lunches for booth staff
  • One parking pass
  • One printed identification sign

In addition to your opportunity to leverage face-to-face conversations and exposure with working women.

For more information regarding your exhibit booth, download the Exhibitor Form.

If you have questions regarding your exhibit booth, please contact: Allison Keller at allison@planitomaha.com